Saturday, June 5, 2010

... And A New Chapter Begins

I DID IT!!!!!!

Some video footage of me singing with the University of Massachusetts Boston Chamber Singers at Friday's Commencement Ceremony. The video is courtesy of my mom (who was cheering me on while simultaneously cussing out the people walking in front of the camera) and edited by me. So much to talk about, so little time (family is here from out of town) but once this weekend passes, I'll be sure to put up some more material this week! Stay blessed ...

1 comment:

Moanerplicity said...

Man, you are coolin it in those shades.

I had the screen enlarged and the volume on full BLAST. It was alsmost like being there!

Mad congrats!

MaMa's proud, & rightly so. But then again, so are those of us who always KNEW you'd make it to see this day!

Snatch JOY!