Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where In The World Is K.C.?

Hi everyone!

The rumors of my demise are quite exaggerated! Trust. I'm still kicking! LOL

My apologies to my regular readers (and followers ... when'd that happen!?) however, I've been extremely busy with school and of course with my boyfriend, The Voice.

There is a boatload to catch up on.

A preview: The Voice's birthday, class, job opportunities, The Diamond Diva, The Hilton, Philadelphia, breakfast in bed, jazz clubs and much, much more!

I have some free time on Saturday so I'm going to try my hardest to line up some posts and let you know what's been happening in my world ... thanks for all the comments and like Trey Songz said:

'Cause I don't want to leave (Ooo girl)
But I gotta go right now
I'll be back to hold you down (I don't wanna)
I don't want to leave no
But girl I gotta go right now
But I'll be back before you know it

(Trey Songz: Gotta Go - I Gotta Make It)

I'll see you guys on Saturday!


deonte' k said...

Thanks 4 the update sir. ;)

Cash S. said...

Welcome back sir. Boyfriend huh? Looking forward to the update.

WhozHe said...

Can't wait to hear about "The Voice's" birthday.

fuzzy said...

Thanks for the Update!!!