Saturday, November 15, 2008

All I Want For Christmas ...

My family celebrates an annual tradition where we exchange Christmas wish lists in order to facilitate our retail experiences. However, we haven't really begun this tradition due in part to our struggling financial burdens. Rugrat began a new job only a few months ago while I left The Fund to pursue my degree full-time. Nevertheless, we're determined to observe some type of Christmas even if we only trade two or three presents per person. Honestly, I take pleasure in the holidays (especially Thanksgiving) with my family and have come to appreciate the years we’ve spent together. Moreover, that's a divine blessing than most families receive.

Consequently, I've begun planning what Christmas gifts to buy for my family, The Voice and his closest friends as well as my few friends and extended family.

So, does anyone have suggestions for a first Christmas gift for my boyfriend? I've never sustained a boyfriend during the holidays and I genuinely want to give from my heart. I'm usually romantic but I'm running on mental empty (I'm typing this post during my break period at work ... so it's about 1 AM on a Saturday morning … you try focusing!).

For my own list, I'm thinking about books (Star Trek, black gay fiction ... the wish list is on Amazon), DVD's (Noah's Arc, Star Trek TNG Series), an iPhone, gift cards to shop for clothes as well as a digital music composition program. Additionally, posters, CD's and some new workout gear would be nice too. I'm definitely NOT in the Christmas spirit yet. I know it probably has something to do with Thanksgiving not having occurred yet.

Nevertheless, I think I've received just about everything I want for Christmas encompassed in The Voice. I've heard people say that all the time but for real y'all, he's got me wanting for nothing.

So what do you want for Christmas? What are you getting for your friends/family/significant others?

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thegayte-keeper said...

for your significant I say get him something that speaks to you as you are out and'll come to ya...for my family...hmmm...I guess I will get my nieces a gift and that's about it...for my significant other I am not sure yet...