Saturday, May 31, 2008

Exploring China (Pt. 1)

My friend, The Divo, has made it to China and e-mailed me some nice photos of his trip thus far. Seems the first stop is in Shanghai, which is on the northeast coast of China next to the East China Sea. To learn more about Shanghai, you can click here:

(Above): The Oriental Pearl Tower amidst the Pudong district skyline.

(Above): Nanjing Road, a popular shopping district in Shanghai, has many neon lights and advertisements like Times Square, NYC.

(Above): The Shanghai Museum.

(Above): I'm not quite sure where this is (I'll have to ask him when I e-mail him back); kinda looks like a courtyard in a temple or a museum.

(Above): A countdown to Expo 2010

(Above): Another shot of Nanjing Road at night.

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