Thursday, December 18, 2008

All That Jazz!

As promised, a clip from my jazz concert ...

This clip was taken by Java-Mama so don't go getting all critical about her video choregraphy skills or else I'll have to cut ya'll!

The video begins with me soloing on piano, followed by a sax solo and then a vocal solo (scatting). The song was "Nothing Personal" and does not feature lyrics; it was basically a jam song.
Oh, the hat I had on was borrowed from The Voice (was trying to be all cool and "hip"!)

It took forever to upload this to YouTube so hope you guys enjoy! :o)

At an awkwardly silent point during the concert, my barber yelled out, "GO K.C.!" Professor X responds on the mic, "Well, I guess, we know one student is getting an A!", to which everyone laughs. Man, it was nice to get that love and support!

After the concert, my family (Pops, Java-Mama, Rugrat), The Voice and his "tribe", former co-workers, Professor Hand Killer and friends presented me with flowers and a gift bag with a CD and a card they all signed! Talk about making my night!

Once again, thank you to everyone who attended and supported me! I appreciate this more than words can express ... :o)


Anonymous said...

Nice performance. Where was the concert held?

Moanerplicity said...

Wow! Color me MAD IMPRESSED! I knew you played, but had no idea you were THAT skilled. Jazz piano ain't no joke. You tinkling some serious ivories! Kudos to the whole group. Sista scattin' & sax man are killin' it too!

Listening to this music gives me hope for the future of REAL MUSIC again.

Thanks for posting this, bruh. Highly enjoyable!

Holiday Holidays to you & yours!

Snatch JOY!