Thursday, December 11, 2008

Merry Christmas ... To Me!

Last weekend, I got a new toy and who would've ever thought me, The Great K.C. (yes, thank you, thank you, yes, please hold your applause!), would break down and buy a (blah!) Apple product! I've been anti-iPod since day one and continue to utilize my Sony Walkman MP3 player. However, I've had my eye on the iPhone for the past few months. Furthermore, several of The Voice's friends possess iPhones and last Christmas, while shopping with Thai Guy, I toyed with one in the Apple store. Needless to say, it's been working on me for the past year!

So I got one! Trust, I'm in LOVE with my phone! My previous phones were bought as replacements (i.e. damaged, dropped, cracked, battery death, etc.) and I was coerced into getting something on the spot. This is the first phone I've owned that I can truly say:

"I wanted it just because!"

Plus, it's nice to be flashy and up with the latest trends. I'm utilizing nearly every feature and the sense of maturity I feel is amazing!

Nevertheless, if anyone out there has one, can you help a brotha out? There are some things about it that confuse me and I could use several pointers ...

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