Wednesday, December 24, 2008

K.C.'s Workout Plan (Pt. 8)

I'm going to give it you as straight as I can. I haven't worked out at the gym in a month (except for one trip on Thanksgiving with The Voice) yet I've miraculously kept the weight off. I'm hovering at 183 lbs. which makes my total weight loss since August a colossal 20 lbs.! Ironically, that was my goal when I began sessions with the nutritionist a few months back.

My health benefits commence in January so I've already made an appointment to see the doctor and I'm confident he'll be absolutely impressed.

If not, I know I am! My next goal is 180 or 175 but taken in baby steps.

My secret?

Having a boyfriend!

Nah, for real, the late nights at work, my hectic school schedule, the busy weekends and once-a-day meals are the most significant factors. However, I was enrolled in a nutrition course during the spring (2008) semester and currently concerned that I'm not getting the proper dietary supplements. While on winter break, I plan to return to the gym (starting Monday, Dec. 22nd) and endeavor to eat better.

So I'll keep you guys posted!

UPDATE: I initially wrote this entry a week ago and Monday, Dec. 22nd came and went. I’ve been exceedingly occupied with Christmas shopping and even endured some vehicular difficulties. I believe January might be a better time to return to the gym although it will be packed with New Year Resolution Makers.

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