Friday, September 5, 2008

I Will Cut You!

Feeling a bit ghetto this morning ...

Happy Friday and have a great weekend everyone!


fuzzy said...

I love this video! You're just finding it? I rolled on the floor with this like 2 weeks ago! lol Those complicated orders! Bon Qui Qui is a freakin trip! SECURITY!!!!!!! SA CUUU RIIIII TYYYYYYY


K.C. said...

LOL, yeah, I'm a little late when it comes to a lot of things!

Actually, The Voice (read previous post) introduced me to this clip and I told him I was going to put it up on my page!

Let's just say I gotta few cousins and nieces that fit this role perfectly! LOL

BPS 2.0 said...

I love this video as well and never laughed so much. She reminds me of my cousin so much because she is like this just not as extreme unless you tick her off.