Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Birthday (Part 2)

We dined at Texas Roadhouse and after several drinks, The Voice was feeling positively mellow. He buddied up with the waiter which resulted in a conversation about horror movies and psychics.

Don't ask.

He also ran into a former colleague and her boyfriend and we chatted it up for a few.

As we left the restaurant, it began to rain and we had no umbrella. Not a smart idea when you have the remnants of a tropical storm moving into the area. We dashed for the car and dried off as we drove to the gas station, where he even paid for my gas! Talk about the royal treatment on my special day!

So the big event for the evening was (drum roll please! rat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat ... ) Cirque Du Soleil! The Voice bought tickets and this was my birthday surprise! My mind was blown! Once again, no one (no one, no one!, sorry got caught up in the song) had EVER done that for me! I'm usually buying concert tickets or suggesting events to attend among my social circle. It was exceedingly refreshing to be treated for once!

We waited in the concession tent as the rain began to pour. I shopped at the gift stations and he bought popcorn and water of which he excessively grumbled about the expensive prices to the cashier.

"Hmm, Strike One!"

Digress with me.

I was reading an astrological relationship compatibility website the other day which stated that Libras and Virgos (The Voice and me respectively) are a mis-matched pairing. Libras are social and outgoing while Virgos are restrained, conservative and exceptionally observant. Furthermore, the site listed ways to impress and lose points with Virgos. The top way to lose points? "Acting loud, vulgar, or rude in public."

The Voice has a ghetto side to him and while I obviously find it attractive, I sometimes perceive it to be a facade. He can be profoundly proper and corporate such as when he struck up a conversation with the lady next to us at the show or with the waiter. However, he was all up in sistah girl's face at the concession stand and I was sightly embarrassed.

Moreover, I became annoyed when he wanted to talk about "certain topics" while we waited to enter the circus. I was raised to take pride in myself and whenever I walk out the house, I never forget that I'm representing more than just myself. I'm the living legacy of my people. I believe in good first impressions even amongst strangers and I instantly recognized this as the first significant difference between our signs. Consequently, I believe things that occur in the bedroom should remain private and didn't necessarily want strangers who were seated around us in close quarters hearing all our business.

So do you guys think I’m being too prudish?

Digression over ...

The show was very thrilling and our seats were perfect! Some of the performers/clowns were mingling around in the audience prior to the show and they even made examples of late-arrivals! The costumes were dazzling and absolutely fabulous! The choreography was impeccable, even when a few pesky raindrops leaked through the tent onto the stage. The storyline was imaginative and made me feel like a kid again! I gazed in wonder at the jugglers, the contortionists, the trapeze artists, the highwire act, tower of chair balancing act and other acrobatic feats that had me gripping The Voice's leg in terror! No worries, he was doing the same too! The ringmaster was hilarious and even picked a few audience volunteers to keep us entertained between sets.

During intermission, he asked, "Do you like your birthday gift, baby?"

"I love it!" I responded and then we kissed.

Yeah, I'm getting the hang of this public display of affection pretty damn quick!

We ran through the rain to the car and it took nearly a half hour to get out of the parking lot. The wind was howling and the fury of the storm was very evident. As we inched our way out of the lot we held hands and stole kisses. We opted out of heading to a club in Back Bay because of the weather and headed back to his place. I was terribly exhausted but was in for a rude surprise when I walked into his apartment.

"Damn ... Strike Two!"

His roommates had a few friends over and they were completely drunk and trashed. I socialized (if you can call it that) for a while but wasn't really in the mood. I wanted to "cuddle" with my boy and instead I got a mini-frat party. Talk about heated. The Voice took a few shots and blended right in with the crowd. So I did what I always do when I'm ticked.

"Slowly, surely, I walk away from" - Jill Scott

I went out to my car and left.

(Sorry guys, I’m slow with these posts but this semester is really kicking my butt! Trying to find time to write stuff and edit so please just bear with a brotha ...)


fuzzy said...

You're doing just fine!

I do think you are being just a bit prude. You said you are getting used to PDA, right? Talking about certain topics could fall right in like with that! If you can kiss in public, with the tongue as you said, ummm what is wrong with talking about private matters?

Glad you had a good time overall. Are you looking to give The Voice strikes? I could understand the thing with the cashier, but when you got to his crib, and wanted cuddle time, youhad to realize that it was his place. his people was drinking and the rules of socialization state that most likely people join the actions of the majority. He just fell victim to what most people fall for.

Have you talked with him since then?

BPS 2.0 said...

Ok, sounds like a tug of war with the heart. Now onto the million dollar question:

I don't think you were being prudish. You like what you like and some things are not to be discussed in public. You could be Will and Jada, I don't want to know what you do in your bedroom. It's just crass. However, I don't think you are doing well with the communication.

Does he know how you feel in certain situations or know that certain things bother you? Walking to your car doesn't solve the problem. You must talk to him and express how you feel so that he can avoid making you uncomfortable in the future.

But I am glad you had a good time. I like The Voice. I think he is stirring you up a bit. I think you enjoy it too. LOL!!


K.C. said...

I'm loving the comments and feedback ...

@ BPS: You are right on point. I agree, I need to communicate better but I do have two left feet when it comes to relationships. I have never lasted long in a relationship and now I think I know why ... I think I'm going to work harder on that!

@ fuzzy: You're right about his place ... nothing I could do about that which is why I think I left rather than cause drama (my specialty!) ... as for whether I came back? Stay tuned ... lol

Chay said...

*new reader*

I think that its a good thing that he can switch his corporate on and off. Many men dont have a corporate side at all and act ghetto all the time but i think it would be a plus for him since he can determine when its acceptable and when it isnt

I also think that you shouldnt have left so abruptly. I think you should have told him that u preferred a more private/intimate environment and if he didnt respond to ur request then you should have left. You should never expect a man to read your mind, u have to spell everything out for them