Wednesday, August 13, 2008

K.C.'s Workout Plan (Pt. 6)

It doesn’t appear that I’ve lost weight but I am seeing considerable definition in my shoulders, arms and chest and even a modest amount on my "abs" (albeit there is a gut obscuring them) I'm still eating healthy and doing my weekly shopping routines however, I don't know how much longer I can keep it up since I'll soon be unemployed. Nevertheless, I've been consistent with my morning workouts and I’m rather proud of myself. I slacked off a few mornings ago but I've made up for it. Progress is forthcoming but exceedingly slow ...

Meanwhile, my tatted, bulging hottie I mentioned in some previous posts has secured my attention every morning. I think I'm going to call him Lil' Ronnie because he looks like a smaller version of professional bodybuilder, Ronnie Coleman. This morning, he was on the treadmill (which is rare considering he's one of those guys usually found by the massive weights flexing in front of the mirror) and I was watching him like a freaking groupie while I worked out! I swear, I'm trying to convert my obsession into incentive. Guess which one is winning? It's too bad SGL desires don’t come with an off-switch, kind of like Data’s (Star Trek) emotion chip. Man, that'd be convenient. I swear I'm even more "guy-crazy" while Twists is out of town! Oh well, at least I have mild entertainment while I work out!

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