Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You Should See His Truck!

I guess I'm coming to the end of the road and it's all quite surreal and tremendously emotional.

I took yesterday off to have my hair twisted. I stopped by UMB (I hoped I wouldn't see that place until September) to have some papers signed by a former professor and then met up with Twists late last night. Yeah, I know, I said some stuff regarding him in a previous post and I've decided he will be my distraction for the next week or so; at least until I return to school. I'm not conceding to bitterness but I know what I want ... and he's certainly not “the one.” He’s a nice guy but just not on my level. I'm beginning to feel like Kenny in Right Side Of The Wrong Bed. More on that in a subsequent post.

We had Verizon's FiOS installed yesterday. For years, Java-Mama and Rugrat operated with dial-up (Wilhelm scream!) while I had DSL since 2001. The technician explained that Verizon is gradually phasing out DSL and utilizing fiber optic and cable networks. Let me tell you: FiOS is really worth the investment! DSL was fast but there's no comparison. My old DSL modem exhibited connection problems however, I haven't encountered any significant malfunctions (so far). Yeah, I know, give it time; I'll let you know in a few months how I feel. My mom and brother are equally impressed, especially since they've existed in the Stone Age of online connection. Nevertheless, I'm feeling a bit ripped off! I didn't see any ethereal light emanating from our FiOS box! I want my money back!

I've been talking to The Executive for the past few days, one of the few X-Men I converse with. He's still dysfunctional. That song, Whenever You’re Around, from Jill Scott, keeps running through my head when I talk to him. Trust me, there will be more posts concerning him later ...

Meanwhile, my cubicle is empty, my desk is as butt-naked as the day I moved in and my computer is all cleared out. It's almost time. I even received a going away card and money from The Don (my brother and I had nicknames for nearly every co-worker). The best gift of all? Not seeing that witch (Aunt Thomasina) for the past two weeks! Priceless! Talk about a great way to depart The Fund!

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