Monday, August 4, 2008

You Got Me Twisted

In a nutshell, my weekend was pretty relaxing. I was excited on Friday because Twists and I were supposed to hang out and see The Dark Knight. Unfortunately, something came up and we were unable to get together. I spent the night watching Jumper with Hayden Christenden and Samuel L. Jackson. I borrowed the movie from Gaia and I'm not sure what to make it of it. Strange one. Has anyone else seen it?

After my Saturday morning workout, I began finishing up my resume and sending it out and then decided to pick Twists up after work. Before I left, a Verizon salesman came by the house and it seems we will be getting FiOS in two weeks! I'm seriously stoked! Twists got out at 11 PM and we headed to Simco's in Mattapan, a local eatery that serves up burgers, fries, foot long (chili) dogs, fried dough, and other assorted fattening food that I'm supposed to stay away from (and I was very good!). We flirted heavily while waiting for his order and mercifully, the food arrived and we jetted to a local park. Since this is a decent blog, I'll skip the "details" and suffice it to say, I got in at 2 AM.

... "you think I'm sent from above, I'm not that innocent!"
(Britney Spears, Oops! ... I Did It Again)

Sunday, I stopped by Twist’s job to get a fix say hello but he was very busy and I spent the remainder of my day hanging out with Crazy. I hadn't seen him in a while and he's really packed on the pounds. I'm also convinced he's not crazy so I may have to change his alias. Rugrat grilled some meat between thunderstorms and then I called it a night.

Today, I’m feeling pretty good. I submit my resignation notice on Thursday and needless to say, I have mixed emotions. It’s a love/hate relationship here and I’m scared of moving to the next level. Also, TV Queen has returned from vacation and I have a strange feeling before I return home, I will be interrogated as to whether or not I watched Rescue Me. More on her in another post.

I'm hoping to spend some time with Twists before he leaves on vacation. He leaves Wednesday and I'm feeling pretty sprung. I don't know what I'm going to do for two weeks ...

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