Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Petition

I'm fuming. I'm absolutely ticked. I feel screwed over. I hate this feeling and when I feel this way, a part of me is ready to go into action and rectify the situation. However, I don't think there is anything I can do, or rather, I don't think I have the time to fight it. Let me explain.

I got a phone call from Java-Mama today and she informed that the city (I don't live in Boston but rather outside it; I just said that to keep those mofo stalkers from tracking me down! You know how us celebs do!) will now be charging for trash removal. That's right, you didn't misunderstand. I typed CHARGE! All right, I'm a person who is reluctant to change but once said change has occurred, I often find I appreciate the change. That said, it depends on the type of change. For example, I was slow to pay my bills online because of my experience with the TJX credit card scandal (I got caught up in that) but now I pay nearly 80% of my bills online and don't think I'll ever return to snail mail. Nevertheless, I believe change has to be positive and worthwhile. Beneficial. Okay, I'm sounding like Obama now!

The city will be charging $2.00 for these special blue trash bags you can purchase from your local supermarket or hardware store. The program goes into effect October 6th and any household that continues to utilize the old trash removal system will be fined and have their trash returned. You can have a private vendor remove your trash but seriously, who has that kind of money? Last time I checked, trash was all going to the same place. It's TRASH people! I'm extremely thankful my grandparents aren't alive to see this idiocracy because I know they'd be just as pissed!

The recycle program will continue free of charge and the city proposes, "the more you recycle, the less bags you'll use and the more money you'll save!" Bulls***! Not everything can be recycled. I'm all for saving planet Earth, Mother Earth, whatever, but damn, at least give me a choice! Isn't this America? It's bad enough that we're FORCED to wear our seatbelts, FORCED to have carbon monoxide detectors, FORCED to have health insurance, FORCED to eat zero trans fat food ... you get where I'm going here? Okay, not all of those changes are malicious but still, it's the principal behind the idea. Now we're being FORCED to recycle, while lining our politicians' pockets.

The explanation given on the city website stated that there was a deficit in the city budget and this program was being implemented to “even the difference” and refinance the “rainy day budget.” Okay, fine. We have a deficit. Why not raise taxes? Last I checked, our taxes were being spent toward trash removal anyway. In essence, we're just being double-taxed! And the best part about all of this? No one knew about this program. Everyone went on with their busy little lives, worried about Lil' Johnny's soccer practice and the latest episode of American Idol and failed to notice the new law that passed and slipped on the books! No petitions, no demonstrations, no town-hall meetings. Nothing.

Sadly, I can't or rather don't have the ability to fight this. And the city knows this. They have our backs up against the proverbial wall. I will soon be out of job and between attending school, looking for work and just living my life in general, I don't have time to protest or petition the new law. Most of the residents in the city are in the same position. Nearly 85% of the residents are foreigners and will probably just accept the law. Moreover, we're struggling in a uncertain economy and people don't have the money or time to fight this. Consequently, this isn't a local tactic. Government on all levels (federal, state, local) is quite proficient at sneaking laws in under the public's nose. You’d think government would find a way to help their citizens rather than hurt us.

But hey, I forgot, how stupid of me, this is America. Screw or be screwed.

"How do I trust you? How do I love you when you lie to me repeatedly?"
(Jill Scott - My Petition, Beautifully Human: Words & Sounds, Vol. 2)

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