Thursday, August 14, 2008

Me & Mr. Jones

I'm not a sports-minded person yet when you live in a household where sports are like the Holy Grail and a city obsessed with championships, well, you learn to adapt. Growing up, Rugrat was considered the "athlete" and I was the "musician." While I practiced endlessly, he played on several baseball and basketball teams and was forever outside pitching or shooting, rain or shine, winter or summer. To this day, he's a faithful Sportscenter viewer and a walking encyclopedia of sports knowledge. Consequently, I've learned to appreciate and comprehend particular sports such as basketball. Nonetheless, I still prefer to simply cruise the athletes!

On that note, I'm watching the Summer Olympics halfheartedly. I watched part of the basketball game against China, tuned into some beach volleyball and a few of the cycling tournaments. There are some hot guys in gymnastics but overall, the sport really doesn't interest me. Most of the time, the games are for background noise when I'm home.

However, the hype over Michael Phelps piqued my inquisitiveness and I tuned into some of the swim meets. Thus I found my Olympic crush. Cullen Jones. Prior to the start of the games, I had read info about him but for some reason, I never really took notice. Then I watched him in action and was relatively impressed. He's a terrific role-model for any younger African Americans interested in competitive swimming and made history with his five gold medals from past swimming competitions.

Anyway, enough preamble. He's tall (check!), slim (check!), sexy (check!) and very professional during interviews (check!) and damn, he looks fine as hell in and out of that bodysuit! (double check!)

Damn, I need to go cool off a sec! In the meantime, check out the slides above!

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