Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday ... you're under arrest!

Okay, I know I said that Kingston would be the next post but I forgot the file on my home computer (I'm at work) so as soon as it gets e-mailed over to me, I'll post it. In the meantime, today is my brother's birthday and he got one heck of shock last night!

I got all the way over to class (UMB) and found out we didn't have class. Granted I was pissed (and hot)! Our first 5 page paper was due (after an extension) and I had really rushed to read the assignments and get it done only to find that out! I was relieved because I got the rest of the evening to myself but if I had checked my school e-mail, I might have avoided a trip over there on a hot crammed up subway train! So I hopped on the bus to go home when I notice a bright yellow SUV go flying by the bus! Yeah, I saw my brother with a bunch of people in MY car! Needless to say, I was ticked! So I try to call him but he's not picking up. I get home and realize I needed to go out and pick up his birthday card. I change clothes, and head back out. Our parents were away for the night so the only vehicle left was our green van dubbed the Green Monster! It's a deathtrap but it couldn't be any worse than the crazy ass Explorer I used to have. That thing damn near killed me! I know, another post! So I pick up the card, grab a Father's Day card too and head back home after stopping for a coolatta.

As I'm pulling up to the house, I notice a police car behind me. I'm thinking, "hmmm, okay, they're just out patrolling especially since that incident with the music the other night." I pull up to the curb and begin parking and then notice the po-po never passed. I check the rearview mirror and there he is behind me. I was starting to sweat, and I had the AC on. I've been fortunate enough to never have been pulled over by any police and I wasn't about to have that happen now. I get out and the guy comes over to me as my brother comes out. Apparently my brother called the police because he thought the van had been stolen!!! So he told the cop and the guy was fine, that "at least I don't have to do any paperwork!" and drove off. You think I was sweating? My bro took about 15-30 min. just chilling in the kitchen. The van belongs to our dad so I think he was afraid he'd get in huge trouble! He thought I was off at class so he didn't know I had come home. Course, if he hadn't taken my car, I wouldn't have had to use the Green Monster.

Anyway, talk about a way to kick off your 24th birthday! Happy Birthday, Rugrat! :o)

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