Monday, June 16, 2008

What Have You Done Today To Make You Feel Proud?

The perfect weekend! I haven't been this active on a weekend in a long time. And it couldn't have gotten any better! Although, I plan to catch back up on my sleep by next week!

Funny, everyone was so superstitious on Friday because of the date. But I changed my thinking and found it to be my luckiest day. Aunt Thomasina was out (paying homage to the 13th; you know how evil does!) and my commute to and from work was flawless. Everything just flowed, plus I was looking forward to pride! That night, my friend, SideKick, called me up to bitch about this older DL guy he's been seeing. I was kinda annoyed so I basically just told him point blank to "ditch the guy, you deserve better, he's just using you, blah, blah." I'm usually not so forceful (that's reserved for my oldest friends) with someone I've only known about a year but I just couldn't stand by anymore. He ended up dumping old dude.

So Saturday I headed to a dr. appt and while I'm not a skinny-mini (yes, I have a strange-ass vocabulary!), I'm not grossly overweight. Anyway, my doc had an intern in the office who was “yes sir-ing” him up the wall! And of course my doc decides to show off so he's booked an appt for me with the dietician in August. I'm kinda offended since I took a nutrition course last semester and know a lot more than I did before. So I've resolved to work my butt off in the next few months, drop the pounds and change my habits and hopefully I can avoid some anorexic chick telling me what I should and shouldn't eat. I'm pretty good anyway. I don't eat any junk food (like once in 3 months) and salads almost every day for lunch. Plus I'm eating Cheerios every damn day (trying to do that cholesterol thingy). We'll see in a few months ...

So after that humiliating visit, I was off to pride. SideKick called me and said he wanted to meet up. My mom had bailed on me so it worked out fine. Of course, I got all the way over there and ended up watching the entire parade all by myself and walking around the city looking like a loser! I was so heated! SideKick is about 9 years younger than I am and rolled in with his lil' teenage posse about 3 hours after it was over. He totally ignored me and the crew began trolling for cuties. So I just bought a t-shirt, a rainbow bandana and was out (no pun!). I was so so heated going home, mostly because he blew me off and I thought it would be just the two of us. I actually missed The Divo. I had a blast at last year's pride because of him. Anyway, SideKick and I made up later on in a very nice way (see: Epiphany).

So after pride, I went home, got changed up and my bro, Rugrat, and I went back into the city to see Chris Rock. Besides the anal ushers and the tight-ass seats (my knees were jammed into the seat back in front of me), we had a great time. Chris was funny as hell and ragged on everything from R. Kelly, Anna Nicole Smith, Barack and Michelle Obama, McCain, Bush, Britney Spears, gas prices, Osama Bin Laden, men and women and numerous sex jokes! And even my beloved Tim Russert wasn't immune. This was my first comedy show and Chris is a comic genius and just blew me away! Afterwards, Rugrat and I walked across the city to the Cheesecake Factory and had dinner outdoors. It was great brotherly bonding time. I like the CF for it's classiness but the food is rather "blah." I really should've just ordered the cheesecake and called it a night.

For Father's Day, we all went to my sister's house and I got to see my bro-in-law, nieces, great-nieces and great-nephews. It was a lot of fun, even if I was sucking in grill smoke! This was my first time seeing my newest great-niece (she's only a month or two old) and she's just too cute! My dad was actually less cranky than usual and actually enjoyed his day. I filled up on soda, burgers, chicken, steak, cake and mac & cheese. My bro and I kept chasing the lil' kids around, squirting them with a water-bottle we found and they just had a blast! I know they must've slept well last night.

My day hasn't started too well today but I'm sure it's bound to get better. Everyone enjoy your week!

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