Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Recap

What a great weekend. I got a few things accomplished and I think this might be the kick in the pants I needed to attend to my personal chores (Note: I'm a huge procrastinator!)

Friday: I came home preparing to take a nap (we get out of work early on Fridays) but some of the "kids" on the block were getting ready for prom. This massive blue bus (think decked out schoolbus with a 1-800 number on the side!) pulls up and a ton of guys in tuxes and girls in dresses filled the street, excited. When the heck did I get so old as to call the "kids"? Man, 10 years flies by! And when did kids start going to prom in buses? Am I the only one who thinks this is weird??!!

Saturday: After months of putting it off, I went to pick out a pair of eyeglasses and while I'm not 100% crazy about the look, at least I'll finally be able to stop killing pedestrians! I tried out that For Eyes place and I managed to keep the price under $150 for two pairs! Not bad. I also went shopping for work pants. Now, I brought my mom along to help me with the glasses but she ended up shopping with me for the pants too. I should've listened to the little insane screaming man who was jumping up and down on my cerebellum telling me to drop her off first but I didn't ... let's just say that this event took over an hour!

Sunday: My brother and I decided to get energized and do a ton of yard work. It's freaky how we think alike at times. We think alike at times (as often as a blue moon) and I guess we just felt compelled to do something. We have an annual family cookout that usually averages 70-80 guests every year so we've only got a month to really get stuff together! I also got to talk to my cousin whom I'm starting to get to know again (we weren't raised together). She is very outgoing and easy to talk and I found myself reflecting during the conversation how sad it is that family B.S. kept us from knowing each other. We're going to the Alicia Keys concert next week and while I was initially hesitant to invite her (I suck at rejection), I'm glad I did because I know I'm going to have a good time!

Today: I'm super-sore! I haven't felt like this since that time with Kingston ... that's going to be another post entirely! Have a nice week everybody!

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