Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'mma Put You On The Bus

Awww, a nice hot, hazy and humid Tuesday! By the way, for those that don't know me, I don't like heat or humidity! I'm not a huge fan of sub-zero temperatures either so I guess fall and spring are ideal for me.

So it's pride week here in Boston and I pulled out the old dusty ass rainbow bracelet. Us SGL guys know that's not really about pride ... it's all about sending that signal to another SGL that you're gay and looking whether or not your in a relationship. Sidebar: yeah, this weather is making me crazy horny! Ugh, all I can think about is Kingston. Next post! I promise! So I'm running late and already sweating by the time I make it up the bus stop. I'm cranky, irritable and just downright hot when as I'm getting on the bus I had a "Madea's Family Reunion" moment. Dude driving the bus was insanely cute! I've seen him a few times before. I didn't like him for his looks as so much for his courtesy. Not too many dudes that haul that citybus stop for you, let alone pull over to the curb. Imagine that! Everytime I see him, he's always like "sup" and looking good with the leather gloves and cornrows. Picture J-Holiday grown and sexy. I've got a thug addiction like every other lil' gay boi out there. I want to settle down, try the family and marriage thing (Massachusetts baby!) but I can't help getting caught up in ol' dude's swagger. I felt kinda bad since I wasn't as friendly as I usually am back to him today. Well, the delirium didn't last. Crowded train. Another hot walk up to the office. And then, just to bless my day, Aunt Thomasina made an appearance.

In a nutshell, she is a supervisor who so happened to be distantly related to me. The name is a play on Uncle Tom since she's like Condoleeza Rice a kissup. Anyway, she's known for having a nasty attitude, completely unfriendly and last year, basically cussed us all out in a meeting w/the VP. Yeah, so let's just say that while I try to find the good in people and try not to "hate" (it's such a strong word), I really can't stand this woman and I’m very close to hating her! Thankfully, she's no longer part of the family (divorce) and I only have a few more months to put up with her. She and I hashed out our problems in private after that disastrous meeting but I've never really had much respect for her since then. We're cordial but that's about it. I avoid passing by her office and like today, when I saw her headed into the lunchroom, I just turned right around and went back to my desk. The less contact I have with this so-called woman, the better.

Oh well, at least my J-Holiday bus-driver got the day started right!

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