Sunday, June 22, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

Not much to talk to mention, I actually had a pretty quiet weekend. However, the highlight was returning to my old stomping grounds!

Friday: Left work early for a dentist appointment. Everything checked out except for a cavity on a wisdom tooth. How the heck that happened, I have no idea! I brush, Listerine, floss twice a day and yet I still got one. Just proves the theory that "bad things happen to good people" (yes, I think of myself as a good person ... sometimes!) Afterwards, I went into Boston to meet up with my cousin at Berklee. She reserved an ensemble room for a gospel jam session. Needless to say, the session didn't really go as planned. We were the only two for about a half hour so I got to play on the piano (oh man, I want a baby grand of my own so bad!) and help her compose a song or two. Then we were joined by some older guys who really didn't fit what we expected. However, we still had a good time. It was rough getting over there because I got drenched on the way to the station, then had some train delays. Once I got to Berklee, I ended up walking around like an idiot. A lot had changed so I ended up walking in this maze in the basement area looking for room B14. Several people I asked weren't much help (a bit snobby) and I couldn't get a signal down in that maze. It was like being trapped in a bad experiment!

After the session, on my way out, I ran into the niece of my friend Crazy whom I hadn't seen she was a little kid! Talk about a major flashback! She goes to school there and just came back from Greece from an internship. I'm thinking maybe I can exploit utilize her connection and occupy a practice room at Berklee now and then, especially since I'm an alum.

I walked with my cousin to her apartment and we walked around looking for food and talking about everything from music to family and I found out more regarding her feelings about being SGL. I had an awesome time just hanging out, talking about stuff. Straight out of "A Long Walk" (Jill Scott), we finally ended up at a sub shop and ate and talked some more. I met her son (finally) who grilled the hell out of me about video games and basketball. They dropped me off at the station but I decided to walk from Back Bay to Downtown Crossing just making the very last train for the night! Consequently, I was very exhausted!

Saturday: Went back to the dentist to have the cavity filled. My very first experience with novacaine and wow, let me tell you, that was out of this world! It felt like my lip was swollen and my tongue was drooling yet I couldn't feel a damn thing! It was too freaky! I'm glad it wore off after a few hours. Spent the rest of the day washing my car and making it look good for the fellas! :o) "cuz it's summatime ... summa, summa, summa time! ... time to sit back and unwind!"

Sunday: Catch up day. Practicing for class, homework, reading, laundry and a little bit of BBQ food!

Today: Let's just say, the weekend wasn't long enough! Have a good week everybody! :o)

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