Friday, June 27, 2008

Wanted: Lazy Weekend

Friday: To state it short & sweet, came home early and crashed.

Saturday: Got up early and helped my dad and bro out at the school and then came back and got ready for a "date" with SideKick. I wasn't really in the mood to go out (I'm a lazy guy ... in my mind, weekends = rest) but we eventually settled on the age-old classic, dinner & a movie. Headed to TGI Fridays where I was half listening to SideKick and half watching this dude at another table. I know, I'm bad. But he was sexy! The beer made me do it! Then we settled on the movie Wanted. Originally we were going to see Incredible Hulk but it was sold out and the only thing left was the director's hall theatre which cost extra money. Unless the Hulk himself was going to come out and shake my hand, I wasn't paying that kind of money!

Wanted kinda sucked in my opinion. A lot of action, blood, gore, and lots of rats (you gotta watch it to know what I mean) but when Morgan Freeman (head of the assassins) said they decoded their orders on whom to kill from a textile loom, I was pretty much ready to walk out the door. Furthermore, at the end, Morgan Freeman's character suddenly swore ("shoot this mutha-f----a!") which didn't fit at all with the type of character he had played up until that point. It was basically a movie made for teens (no offense SideKick) and they all cheered and clapped at the end. I mean, seriously!? Um, it wasn't that good but hey, the American movie-going audience isn't very sophisticated, especially pre-pubescent boys who only want to see Angelina Jolie climb out of a hot-tub half naked. And isn't she kinda old to be playing these roles (i.e. Tomb Raider, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Gone In Sixty Seconds); how many times can she play the bad chick with tattoos and guns? Concept was good, acting was sub-par and action was through the roof. Eh, nuff said.

Sunday: Went to a cookout at an old high school classmates house. Gawked over her boyfriend's new motorcycle (he's inspired me to take lessons), a cute party guest and munched on some good food. She's Asian so most of the guests were too but still managed to enjoy myself. Ran into another old classmate who didn't say two damn words to me out of those 4 years and now all the sudden she acted as though we were old friends. Whatever. And of course the topic of conversation was old classmates and where they are. This only solidifies why I'm not going to the reunion. One entertaining fact: the former class clown is now a police officer! Now that's funny and scary! Overall, had a fairly good time. Worked out afterwards, watched the Jill Scott (TV One) special last night which didn't do her justice, much better live!

Today: Here at work (again) and looking forward to the holiday weekend as well as the end of classes next week! Have a great week everyone!

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