Tuesday, June 17, 2008

K.C.'s Workout Plan (Pt. 1)

I've been inspired lately to do a makeover. See, I was checking myself in the mirror and noticed how much I've changed physically in the face over the years. The glasses and the dread locks do make me look like a different person. It's almost like being Superman disguised as Clark Kent. This past Sunday, my sister and her family were shocked by my new look, as are most people when they see me again after a long time.

But I want to do more than just makeover my face. I've been going to the gym now for over 3 years and haven't seen major results. Sure, I can run over 5 miles without being winded and I was lifting over 100 lbs. (don't laugh, I'm so weak!). However, I've been feeling the effects of too much food, and not enough exercise. My doctor wants me to see a dietician and that's the mother of all insults! So I'm determined to drop at least a good 10+ pounds by the time I go back to see him. This is the heaviest I've been (201) and I don't like it. Pants are tight, gut is sticking too far out and I just feel friggin' bloated!

I returned to the gym this morning (5 AM) for the first time in weeks and ran about 2 miles. Felt good. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get in there and do weights. Cutting back big time on my portions and sticking to my salads and fruits. I doubt I'll ever look like some cute lil' gay model but at least I can tone some stuff up and maybe not feel as big.

My mantra is "it's my body" and I'm topping dominating it. I'm already on the right track since I took a nutrition class and I already go to the gym. I just hope I can stay focused and not slack off like I have in the past. I'm inspired by Bullet Proof Soul (BPS) and his 40/40 and plus I'd like to look good for SideKick. I'll update every week, so wish me luck! ...

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