Monday, July 28, 2008

Emotional Rollercoaster

I'm the real thing,
in stereo
I got a little highs,
I got a little lows

(Jill Scott - The Real Thing, The Real Thing: Words & Sounds, Vol. 3)

The above lyrics sum up my weekend perfectly!

I came home Friday and did absolutely nothing. I ended up banging around on the keys (I haven't played in a quick minute) and then watched TV. Total laziness.

The Lows
I was curious about a site I heard about via some bloggers called BGCLive. Several individuals had stated it wasn't a trustworthy site so I didn't go into it with many expectations, maybe a hookup. Yeah, bad boy in me was coming out! I saw a few ex's on there (one hit me up) as well as many fine ass brothas. The dating site I'm on doesn't have many black guys so I was in Nubian heaven! Yes, I like flavor. I'm like the guy in a recent KFC commercial:

(as he bites into a piece of chicken) "Whoa! What's that?"
"I like flavor!"

Subsequently, I became depressed. You see, I have green eyes. I start checking guys who are hot and start comparing myself to them. It's a nasty flaw but it's what makes me human and imperfect. I'm working on it. So after a few hours cruising the site and feeling really down, I decided to turn the computer off and focus on what's blessed in my life. Gradually, I pulled out of it.

I was also in a foul mood because my dad wanted to push my buttons and Rugrat decided he wanted to be an ass toward everyone. He was supposed to perform in a hip-hop show that night and I offered to support him. However, the show was cancelled (much to my relief, not really my scene) and I ended up back on BGC that night.

The Highs
Needless to say, I met someone on BGC and we talked online all night, early into Sunday morning. After my first trip back to the gym (sidebar: I got my monthly membership lowered to $24! woo-hoo!), I spent the day finalizing my resume and then started talking to my new friend. I don't have an alias for him yet. He reminds me a lot of SideKick (ironically he has one too) however, he’s a lot more mature. He's really smart, driven, has a sexy smile and is brutally honest. Major turn-on! So last night, I was up until 1 AM on the phone with him. I was laying in bed, lights dimmed real low, under the covers, just talking about anything we could think of. It was real nice. I haven't had a convo like that in ages. Eventually, we started getting freakier and needless to say, a few pics were traded via his sidekick. I’m not usually a top but after seeing the booty, I’m jumping the fence! I'm definitely sprung on this kat. I don't think I want to talk relationship but in the meantime, I need to cure these celibacy blues and I think he might be the one.

Oh yeah, SideKick called me yesterday and he confirmed he was robbed at gunpoint. He still doesn't have a sidekick but at least he’s okay and alive. I was especially relieved to hear from him. Needless to say, he figured I was feeling someone and if you thought my eyes were green, his are dark green! I ain't sweating him but I still like him ... maybe there could be a threesome ... hmmmm ... "oh behave!"


fuzzy said...

saucy! :-)

Cash S. said...

I use to have a BGC profile. Maybe I'll give it another shot. There usually are a few cute decent guys are on there. Looks like you might have found one.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your sidebar (The Associates, The Others, etc.)

Keep it going man. I need to post something quickly.

Stay tuned.

K.C. said...

Thanks for the compliment!

My friend gave me the idea so I can't take full credit - well, yes I can! LOL

I anxious about the names, they'd sound silly but your positive feedback has boosted my confidence! Thanks!