Tuesday, July 29, 2008

K.C.'s Workout Plan (Pt. 5)

Last night, I went to the supermarket and bought my first batch of healthy food. I'm so glad I'm not married with children. I spent nearly $100 just in an hour of being in there! I started picking out items that weren’t on my list. I bought wheat pasta (never tried it before), peaches, apples, pineapple, Honey Nut Cheerios, yogurt, granola bars, salmon and lean boneless chicken breast. There was more but I'm not going to drone on. You get the idea.

Additionally, today was my first early morning cardio workout in several weeks and I managed about 2.5 miles on the treadmill and I didn't have to stop in between runs. You see, I'm lousy at stretching. I end up getting hip or leg cramps during my cardio workout. There are some days I've managed close to 6 miles (I’m on a roll) and still others when I can barely make 2 miles. It basically depends on my mood and physical stamina. But when I’m feeling good, I love to freak people out. I'm short and thick so people think I'm going to run for a minute and quit or slow down. After an hour, they're walking out the door and I'm still cruising at 6 MPH in the zone! I love running!

I recently read a post on Deonte' K's Spot, titled Deonte’s Top 5 Gym Pet Peeves, and he suggested that most gyms should provide a separate area for SGL guys to concentrate on our workout. I agree wholeheartedly! The buffed up tatted guy I see all the time on the train and in the gym, was there this morning (I've got to find him an alias: suggestions?). Not to mention this hot 30-something black guy with a nice tight ass which I ended up intently gazing at while running. Extremely distracting! Why can't there just be old white fat guys there?!?!

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