Monday, July 28, 2008

K.C.'s Workout Plan (Pt. 4)

Many individuals have extended their support regarding my workout plans and I want to say thank you! Due to the deluge of encouragement, I'm shifting into overdrive. I have exactly three weeks (8/16) until I revisit my personal physician.

One blogger said he lost 40 pounds and looks fantastic (and mad sexy!) from the many pics I have observed. In addition, I saw a huge buffed dude at the gym during my early morning workouts and he was always eyeing me every time I came through the door. This past week, I saw him on the subway twice (in a suit which hugged his body deliciously!) I believe the gym is haunting me based on these signs!

I can feel the weight gain (I've gone from 200 to 205) and I'm fed up. So I'm going to set up a better plan. I am not a diet believer and thanks to my nutrition class last semester, I learned a lot about how the body processes food. My professor emphasized avoiding supplements and utilizing natural foods to maintain your health.

Initially, I'm setting my alarm and forcing myself back into the early morning workouts. I am a sleep-lover but that's got to change. I'll probably get used to the early morning workouts again after a few days.

Secondly, I plan to change my eating habits. The cookout is over so I'm going to start buying my own groceries instead of relying on my family's food. My family doesn't really buy healthy stuff. Pops always has potato chips, cakes or other sweets lying around which lead me to "binge" when I come home from work. Essentially, every healthy thing I eat (Cheerios, salads, fruit) throughout the day is irrelevant once I come home. Smaller portions, no seconds, more fruit and veggies and water and I should be on course. Additionally, we love to order out, however, I won’t be able to partake in that for a while.

Finally, I'm going to concentrate on weights and the ab machines. I'm a cardio-fanatic. I love sweating and I'll take a treadmill or stair climber any day over weights. Nevertheless, ::sigh :: I know I need to firm and tone. A month ago, I was starting to feel rock hard abs underneath my gut so I know I was doing something right.

Do you mind if I’m narcissistic for a moment? Good! I was going to anyway! I don't think I'm a bad looking guy in the face and legs (they're in good shape from all the running I've done) however, the foremost problem area is my torso. Therefore, my target weight for the next three weeks is hopefully 195. That's approximately 10 pounds. Once I’m into a routine, it shouldn't be hard to maintain. I'd really like to dial it back to 180 but you have to crawl before you can walk.


fuzzy said...

BMI, body type, and knowing which foods work for you and which doesn't. when i change up foods a gain weight, rarely i lose! look into that...

DMT said...

Honey I'm telling you the key: sushi and cigarettes! The weight will melt off! HEHE. You KNOW how gigantic I was a few years ago. LOL