Thursday, July 10, 2008

If You Don't Have Anything Good To Say ...

... just don't say anything at all! That's a phrase I'm sure all of us have heard from our wise old grandmothers at some time or another. And that's exactly what Jesse needs to do. I used to have respect for this man and I'm not belittling his accomplishments, but after the illegitimate scandal broke, I started wondering. Now after this incident, I can't say I'm too surprised. I've got religious issues to begin with (I'm always questioning stuff; that's why I don't get along well in church) so seeing this supposed man of the cloth saying such a vile and ignorant remark didn't rehabilitate me.

I spoke to my mother about it last night and she came of age during the sixties (JFK, MLK, LSD and all the other initials associated with that decade). She initially never had much respect for Jackson. Now we both agreed he has been an asset to the community and his legacy will be great if not controversial. Aren't all great leaders? Nevertheless, his recent comment just depicted him as an absolute fear-mongering, divisive, unintelligent fool. And to make matters worse, it reinitiates the age old debate about dirty laundry.

I mentioned dirty laundry in a previous post (click here) regarding my Independence Day weekend. The African-American community, as well as other minority communities, are apt to put our business out in the spotlight. When one has to struggle for equality and civility, highlighting the negative aspects of your culture doesn't help your cause. Who are these people to stand up and speak for us? What gives Cosby and Jackson and so many others the right to speak for us and put us in our place? My answer to that would be intelligence plus character. The truth always come out in the end and somebody needs to have the guts to stand up and take charge, present the change and challenge the status quo.

Consequently, the inevitable emerged. This morning on "Today," they mentioned this scandal and then posed the age old question: are there more individuals who feel this way in the black community? Duh!?! No culture or race is perfectly united. You have to be a complete moron to even ponder that question. So you don't like Obama or have an issue with his political philosophy. That's fine. Take it up with him, counter his cause (become a Republican like Condi and Keyes), or else just shut the hell up. Yeah, I'm a bit biased. Oh, and I'm sure this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact Jackson never got this far in his campaign :: roll my eyes :: Put in the vernacular, "don't hate!"

And the gravy on top? His son denouncing his remarks. I think I hear a vacuum cleaner someplace sucking up stuff ...

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