Friday, July 25, 2008

*Young, Black and Downlow*

This week’s featured blogger is Young, Black and DL. Similar to Prince Xem, he was never one of the original bloggers that inspired me to join however, he's been a frequent and dependable reader of mine and key contributor to the comment sections and I must acknowledge him. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading his fascinating posts which momentarily extricate me from my reality and/or drama and typically result in me laughing my ass off (generally at work which has produced odd glances from co-workers!) Furthermore, I was quite astonished and thrilled to be included in a recent post of his!

I suggest checking out his blog titled, Young, Black and Down Low: The Low Down On The Double Life Of A Young, Black and Fabolously Downlow Man (yeah, it's lengthy!) And while I may not necessarily agree with being DL, I have much respect for this young brotha and I'm sure you'll quickly realize his uniqueness when you stop by his page!

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fuzzy said...

His blog is one that I do highlight on my blog!