Monday, July 14, 2008

A Weekend of Work

Two simple words: sucky weekend.

Friday: So I had a personal day from work! Big whoop! I went to the hair salon to have my locks re-twisted and waited a full f---in' TWO HOURS after my appointment time because they were that busy! Doesn't appointment mean anything these days? Besides the pain (I've always been tender-headed) and the eternity spent underneath Satan's Ass Crack (the hair dryer), that was my fun day! I think I’ll stick to Tuesday morning appointments from now on. Next …

Saturday: Lots and lots of housework. We’re preparing for a huge annual cookout we host every year. Oh, I did e-mail Kingston (click here for more info) and unfortunately, he's battling some very serious health problems which will prevent him from attending the cookout this year. He's definitely not himself lately and it's bugging me out. I hope he gets better and back to his annoying and cynical self soon! I miss him terribly ...

Sunday: My second unofficial job in Boston and then back home to do ... you guessed it ... yard work! Let me say this now, I HATE WEEDS! I don't ever want to see another one in my life again! I must've pulled about two tons of the little bastards in every conceivable size known to exist! At least the yard looks a bit better but there's still a lot more to do! More on the cookout in a subsequent post. Additionally, I got a call from SideKick and he claimed he was robbed and doesn't have his Sidekick or cell anymore. I think I heard "at gunpoint" in the voicemail but I'm not certain. I have no way to contact him so I hope he's okay ... I'm already stressed as it is.

The plus side of this weekend? I joined a dating service and I'm having fun setting up my profile. They offer numerous tests/surveys in the Romance and Sexual categories. Following the exams, I was classified a "Flirt" in the Romance category and an "Intellectual" when it comes to sex. That was too funny because everyone (including my family) says that I am a huge tease and it was too unreal to have it confirmed on this test! Have a good week everyone!

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Promiscuous X said...

New to ya blog. found it by visting Fuzzys blog. I like the vibe you giving off my nig.

Friday I did the same except I got my shit cut lol

We both did house work saturday.

Sunday I worked from home and cut the fuckn grass lol

You kewl in my book, Ill def be back to visit